Anti Virus software today is more effective than ever and the choice of software solutions available are huge so choosing the right one will is important. A good anti-virus software is very important for your business because if you some important business forms in your computers, for example, the software will protect them.

Knowing what you need from Anti Virus software is essential when choosing the right package as some may be more useful to you than others, some of the main ones to look out for are:

Feature: In terms of features, the more the merrier as the more features available will lead to greater protection from threats at the end of the day.

Efficiency: Keeping your software up to date is key, as new online threats emerge so do new solutions to counter them so software which will be updated on a regular basis will protect you best.

Management: With a business, you’ll likely need more than a few computers protected at the same time so having an easy way to manage and edit the settings of all your computers AV software at the same time is brilliant.

Ease of use: Being able to understand and use your software from day one will lead to optimum protection as you will want to customise your software and get it running ASAP. Having access to great FAQ’s and manuals is essential.

Now let’s get a little more specific, the first piece of AV (Anti Virus) software we are going to be looking at is Bitdefender 2012. Bitdefender has won numerous awards for its software for a number of years now, specifically for its ability to defend against nearly all online attacks and it’s easy to understand software. Bitdefender gives you the power to configure, manage and control the Anti Virus software of all computers on your network from a single PC. Prices for your business for Bitdefender start at about $430 which will license the program for up to 20 computers, 20 smartphones, 1 file server and 1 mail server.

Next up we have Kaspersky’s Anti Virus software suit, a name which is a little better known in the AV world and for a good reason. Specifically we’ll be looking at the Enterprise Space Security suite, Kaspersky’s most comprehensive business packages available which comes jam packed with all sorts of features, most of which exceed that of Bitdefender. According to Top Ten Reviews Kaspersky is rated as the best quality and most efficient Anti Virus money can currently buy. Software licensing packages are extremely flexible and you can secure up to 50 work stations with a single purchase as well as multiple mail servers.

Prices for Kaspersky are however much higher than Bitdefender, if you want 20 work stations covered (the same number in Bitdefenders package) with the Enterprise suite then you’ll be looking at paying around $790 a year.

Overall, these two business Anti Virus suits offer different features and a fairly large difference in price, at the end of the day it depends how much you value security in your business. If you want the best possible service that money can buy, then hands down Kaspersky is the package to opt for.


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