I’ve done some research for quite some time in hopes to find information on GTA ONLINE cheats but unfortunately those ones don’t exactly exist (besides mods). So instead, I did more research on game play cheats for the story mode game and I was successful in my findings. Game play is awesome on story mode but when you are wanting to just mess around and have a little more fun with the ability to be almost like a super human it’s better to have cheats! However, once you put in the cheats you might not be able to achieve game points or such and sometimes possibly not save the game; but for the sake of having fun and being a super human it’s way more fun to use the cheats.

Here are some examples in which you can find online on google search:

If you feel the need to go parachuting just for fun, during game play, look up on google search, parachute GTA 5 cheat code. After doing so, you should be able to go soaring through the skies after jumping off of the highest building in the game!

Another one— If you are being attacked by the cops and are tired of fighting, you could wish them away or just look up lower wanted level online and it should pop up instantly. Each time you do this cheat, one star disappears. So get ready to memorize these keys while attempting to get rid of the cops!

Next— If you want the chance to be shot by the cops and pedestrians at the same time without ever losing any health or armor, then here is your chance! For exactly five minutes you can be invincible! After finding the code online, enter it quickly during game play for proper results. After the cheat locks in you can be shot or fall from a large building or even be stuck under water for exactly five minutes without dying. So go swim with the sharks for five minutes before they attempt to kill you for real!

Another— Don’t have the money for weapons? No problem! Get what you need, again, but finding it google search. After this cheat locks in you will get a weapon wheel filled with weapons! It will range from handguns, to grenades, to rocket launchers, to pump shotguns. Keep searching through the weapon wheel to find out more!

Next— How do you feel when you know you are running low on health and running low on life? Well, yes, there is a cheat for that too! Before it’s too late, find a quick place to duck from whatever you are being killed by quickly press the acquired cheat. Right away your health and armor will refill themselves! I’m sure that this will be needed the most during the game play because life goes quick!

Here is a secret game play! If you go up to where the theater is, if you go to the second corner on the left there is usually bank that is open for business. It is not on the map but you can get into it. It’s not usually occupied. You can’t do much in there besides look around and shoot at things but be careful because once you shoot around the cops will still come. However, there are computers and lamps that you can shoot at for target practice once you get to the top of the stairs. Also there are ATM’s in there, where you can check your balance.

Another cool idea, while doing the cheat of Invincibility, would be to do the fast swim if you are interested in swimming with the sharks! You can still do the fast swim without the invincibility cheat but I assure you that it’s much more fun being able to swim quickly with the sharks without being eaten by one!

Also, if you get bored and want to fight the cops for no reason at all, you can always raise your wanted level to bring them on. The more times you do this cheat the quicker the stars rise. You can do this cheat several times to raise the cops! Don’t forget though, that if it becomes to much you can always lower the wanted level during game play with the lower level that I gave you earlier in this article. So, go ahead and face your fears! The cops can last as long as you want but remember after three stars they become extremely difficult! So, to raise your wanted level, use the proper cheat in which you can find online but be careful though because they will come quick! One cheat per star. If you want to get to five you have to do this cheat five times! Good luck on that though because it gets really tough!

Thank you for reading my article and if you are interested in finding out more awesome cheat codes for GTA 5 on Ps3 please don’t hesitate to ask! There are so many things that can be unlocked in this game and this game can be more fun during cheat play and story mode! Enjoy!

(Cheats for GTA 5 ps3 can be found on various websites on the web by typing in simple word searches like: Gta hints and cheats during game play or on story mode.)


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