A wireless network is a “wireless access point” – or WAP – that allows devices such as PDAs, handhelds, computers, handheld gaming consoles, and many other techno-gadgets, to go online via a wireless network. If you want to access wireless network hubs in your immediate area, you’ll need to check your device’s specs to see if it has wireless capabilities. If it does, you’ll want to have it scan the area for wireless signals that are unsecured, meaning you can use their signal without need for a password.
If you computer can not access wireless network hubs, that means either
1) there is no signal in your immediate vicinity, or
2) your computer lacks the correct specific hardware to detect and use a wireless signal.
Both of these are resolvable issues with a little bit of time, patience, and money. And you dont even need to be an Aberdeen It support guru to make it work! (Of course).
If there is no signal in your immediate area, that means there’s no hub. To get a wireless network hub for your home or office, you need to purchase a router that has wireless capabilities. These can run as cheap as $30 online, to something as expensive as a few hundred dollars. These latter routers are designed specifically for high-end, totally secure networks and are usually found in businesses. They are obviously heavily password protected and some have build-in data encryption software as well. If this is the kind of hub you need, please make sure to do all relevant research before choosing the right wireless router. Spending a few extra dollars up front could save you time, money and headaches a-plenty down the line.
If you’re okay with using something less secure – and 90% of us are – then you can simply buy a low-end Linksys, Buffalo, NetGear or the like and plug it directly into your modem. The modem’s signal will be read and recognized by the router, which will then split it into different access points along a range of wireless spectrums recognized by most mass communication devices. Certain modems, like Linksys brands, struggle with thing like wireless gaming (if, for example you have the Nintendo Wii and want to play online, then the Linksys is probably not for you). But all are fairly reliable when it comes to maintaining a steady signal capable of handling plenty of information quickly and securely.
Once your router is set up, than all you have to do is follow the prompts to create your own wireless network. It’s very simple – it’s designed to be simple – and you can access wireless network freedom easily. No hassle, no tearing out of your hair, just a quick and simple solution to networking nirvana.
If, however, your computer lacks the necessary hardware, there is another step. You’ll need to purchase a wireless card online or from your ISP. These are fairly cheap and really, really out-dated. If you need one of these… you need a new computer. Just sayin’


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