We have extensive experience in transcribing medical dictation across a wide range of specialties, including:

Neurology transcription

Cardiology transcription

Pediatrics transcription

Orthopedics transcription

Radiology transcription

ENT transcription

Gastroenterology transcription

Psychology transcription

Psychiatry transcription

Chiropractic transcription

Our IT staff can set up a secure method of uploading audio and downloading completed transcriptions to and from our server, ensuring immediate and safe delivery of your sensitive material. Your patients’ records and information are held in complete confidence and we are completely HIPAA compliant. Our staff can even make suggestions to our clients regarding HIPAA regulations.

There are more affordable alternatives to using InteleANTS Transcription as your medical transcription service, but can your practice afford the possible liability of oursourcing your patients’ records?

Contact us today and let us provide you with secure, affordable medical transcription services.

HIPAA-Compliant Medical Transcription Services for Outpatient Clinics

Because of hospital clinics’ medical paperwork needs, medical transcription services provide HIPAA certified medical transcription solutions. This enables hospital medical documents to be managed by health experts within preserving protection norms as well as in their exercise effectively.

Outsourced medical transcription services for hospital centers supply the full time for patient-care to them and significantly decrease the work of health experts. Medical transcription outsourcing towards the supplier that is correct helps to ensure that hospital centers precisely structured medical documents and preserve safe.

For completely testing workers that handle a particular individual’s information needs for Compliance Preserve a traceable path. * Team should be current with every change in recommendations

* Document password and security protection is important avoid unauthorized entry and to safeguard individual information * Firewall safety * Safe, FTP websites and password-protected mail

All of the actions involved with medical transcription procedure to make sure that the protection and conformity recommendations are followed are performed by * Normal Windows upgrades concerning computer-security hipaa-compliant medical transcription services. To keep protection and the solitude of medical documents and guarantee discretion, a transcription organization may have steps in position to:

* Avoid spreading of individual’s wellness info with workers that are unauthorized * make sure that the transcription division is not left by any useful info

Update firewalls application on all pcs on the daily Change all login accounts that are related frequently * make sure that change or no removal can be achieved effortlessly

* Purely check the whole workforce and limit use of individual information * Practice protection privacy, and discretion Specialist Transcription of Reviews

To provide exceptional transcription services for hospital centers, hipaa-compliant medical transcription services utilize skilled specialists including medical professionals, proofreaders quality professionals and transcribers. With correct understanding of medical conditions and also the aid of sophisticated dictation gear, application systems and resources, medical transcription outsourcing companies provide regular and correct transcription options for

* actual evaluation reports and Individual background process and * Discussion records records surgical records and * Improvement records reports that are check, * Lab reports

* Follow-up release summaries and records to guarantee data’s precision, all documents that were transcribed examined utilizing condition and check are confirmed -of-the-art engineering.

Hospital centers that would rather outsource their transcription careers must contact a trusted company that may fulfill their outsourcing requirements in a budget- cost that is friendly. Using the dependable assistance of HIPAA certified medical transcription services, health experts may guarantee the secure web move of doc documents and speech documents with individual info.


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