Endodontics takes the cake as the most feared and notorious of all dental procedures. In fact, the theory of opening one’s mouth really wide so the dentist take away the contaminated pulp and can drill into the tooth may cause feelings of fear that is tremendous among patients
One terrified patient said that after her dentist told her that root canal treatment was wanted by her, she felt like she’d just received a death sentence. Someone even joked that he would rather be about the electric chair than have one of the procedures because then he wouldn’t have to cope with the traumatic memories of the “carnage”.
What exactly is root canal treatment? Endodontics is the procedure for saving a decayed tooth from extraction by removing the infected nerve and pulp, cleaning and fill the interior of the tooth, and then sealing it. Essentially it prevents the spread of infection that contributes to tooth loss, even gum disease.
While it may be true that conventional root canal therapies included a lot of pain and injury modern dental technology has really made it possible to perform these processes basically easy and painlessly. Laser root canal processes work with a beam of intense light clean the insides of the tooth and to eliminate pulp and the nerve. Laser root canal can attain the farthest recesses of the insides of the tooth that traditional instruments may miss. The process takes less time, too, so the so called ‘dental torture’ connected with root canal treatments continues only a short while.
Using lasers in endodontic treatment also gets rid of the bothersome drilling sound related to traditional processes. There is also less bleeding and risk of infection, as well as more rapid healing and recovery time.
As for the so called pain while having these processes, much of it is really merely hype. Naturally, the endodontic won’t perform the process without anaesthetics or he risks getting sued by the patient and having his licensed revoked. At the hands of a sympathetic and qualified Endodontist, these processes are no more complicated than having tooth fillings.
More and more dentists’ worldwide use laser technology in endodontic treatments but in addition in other dental procedures. Those people who are prone to dental anxiety regardless of the guarantees of a dentist might also choose sleep dentistry. The patient will be awake but will be in this kind of relaxed state that a root canal treatment will look more like a meditation session than an actual dental procedure.
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