Sales are great, more home party supplies direct selling sales, even better. If you put into practice the tips I share, you will no doubt set yourself apart from other home party consultants. You will be a force to be reckoned with! The following tips will help your next home party be a success:

How To Prepare Your Home Party Hostess

1. Before your home party be sure to meet with the hostess personally.

– By now you have a comprehensive home party guest list. You want to pick your home party hostess’ mind. Why? The better you are able to understand the guest, the better you are able to customize your presentation. As I have said in other posts, no verbal diarrhea. Keep is short, focused and always find the best fit solutions! You know me I am the personal touch queen! Nothing and I repeat, nothing wows a crowd better than being able to cater to their needs!

– You want to be familiar with the layout of your hostess’ home. We want easy navigation. You know what I hate most? Going shopping and not being able to easily access the party supplies I am interested in, you the cute sweater that is way high up for your short 5ft. 7 in. frame! I get turned very easily. You do not want to shoot yourself in the foot!

2. Provide your host with catalogs &/or brochures of your home party supplies business. If at all possible provide samples for her to distribute to potential home party attendees! This will allow you to accomplish two things:

– No one said all your home party supplies sales absolutely must come from in home parties. Some people may not be able to attend. This allows your host to take any orders on your behalf both before and after the home party!

– You want your hostess to be excited. Including her in the process is sure to help. How do I know? Word of mouth is still the most powerful marketing tool! Remember that great sushi restuarant that you tried way back when that you are still telling anyone who will listen about? Alright then, apply the same principle!

3. Be sure to review the order forms with your hostess so she can help customers place orders. Delegation is the secret weapon of successful home party supplies sales representatives! You want to give as much attention to your home party attendees. This is training ground, leadership building ground and also don’t forget, you are looking for home party recruits who complement your style! Let your hostess be the seen hand to your home party planning brilliance!

4. Explain the delivery process. Some party supply companies have the merchandise delivered to the hostess who is then responsible for making sure that home party plans sales are matched with their buyers. Other home party plan companies deliver directly to the buyer whereas others deliver to the home party sales representative. Successful business are built on sound administrative principles. Build a strong admin. foundation and you are good to go!

5. Discuss plans for refreshments. Is she expected prepare refreshments or will you be bringing them? What are you going to have? I recommend the hostess make the refreshments, after all it is her home party! This gets really tricky and sticky. Your primary purpose is not to feed, but to inform and to makes sales and acquire home party recruits! Timing is of the essence, a little bite and a drink at the outset is recommended. Then go into the presentation. You want to display your home party supplies with the food, why? While orders are being taken others will be getting refreshments, viewing products and brochures and catalog. You want everything to be happening in a relaxed atmosphere.

6. To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late and to be late is never to have arrived. Words to live by if I ever heard any! Be sure to arrive at your hostess’s home early on the day of the in home party show. Set everything up and have fun! Give yourself a good 5 minutes to just take deep breaths.


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