With the ban on e cigarettes due in 2016 my personal feelings are almost irrelevant as it will be sorted in the courts, which in many ways is part of the greater problem, for many years the government have been happy to take their tax’s and look the other way but now its become politically fashionable to bash anyone who wants to enjoy a take away and a couple of drinks or smoke the cigarettes which have made them millions, every man and his dog wants to get involved, if this was based on their genuine concern for our health it would be nice if a bit unbelievable but it’s not its all about MONEY.

quit smoking

People making the shift to e cigarettes means that the tobacco companies and the government both are losing money so that was never gonna last even if it did mean that for a while people could reduce their risk of disease in an easy and comfortable way, but as i say my feelings are almost irrelevant as the courts and politicians will make those decisions and as the pharmaceutical companies are now sniffing around the troff i’m sure that’s the way the money will flow.

One thing i would say is when it comes to the point that tobacco products should look and taste like tobacco products I draw the line there. That’s like saying you shouldn’t buy cherry flavored cola products as it doesn’t look and taste like original cola. To say that young people are being tricked into smoking by electronic cigarettes?

I would challenge anyone claiming this in two ways, one who are these young people i haven’t seen one not one and then by by asking how?? All e cigarette products are firstly marketed for existing smokers as it’s not an aid to give up smoking plus there are age limits on all these products tailored to the legal age of smoking in your country, so young people shouldn’t even be getting their hands on these products and people who are old enough to smoke should theoretically be old and wise enough not to be “tricked” into anything. Some of the well known electronic cigarette brands like Green Smoke model their devices on the regular cigarette, others on the other hand are more custom.

it’s probably worth mentioning at this point that the tobacco companies are only just getting involved in the e cigarette market they make it sound like they’ve been behind the scenes the whole time trying to lure children down a dark alley to try their new stuff now people are going off the old stuff when actually the e cigarette industry has grown largely out of enthusiastic e cigarette users.

Eventually it was inevitable for these restrictions to be suggested and like I said earlier it’ll be discussed in courts I just wish that the excuses given for these proceedings where more honest and didn’t leave me feel like a criminal for CHOOSING to Vape instead of smoking.If you choose to Vape you should be allowed to do so just as easily as it is to pop into a shop on any high street and pick up a packet of cigarettes.

What Parents Must Be Aware Of

Parents must remember that whether it is smoking vapor pen or a cigarette, nicotine affects brain development in kids and teens.

Certain flavors are like candy, which would make them appealing for children, and since they don’t leave a lingering smell like tobacco, parents will have to be extra vigilant to find out whether they’re child is vaping.

What Smokers and Adults Should Know

Can you vape tobacco? Most definitely, using an herbal vaporizer device, but if you are a non-smoker, do not try this – there are no health benefits and a number of risks to it. If you’re a smoker trying to quit, start with other FDA approved methods before resorting to e-cigarettes.

If you don’t intend to quit, then it would probably be healthier to switch to e-cigarettes, talk to your doctor beforehand though.

As the smoking vs. vaping debate continues, cities such as LA, NY and Boston have passed laws regulating the way people purchase or use vaporizers in public, and larger changes are quite likely. New regulations have been proposed by the FDA which will extend the agency’s authority over a number of tobacco related products – this includes e-cigarettes.

A minimum age for e-cigarette usage is also part of the propositions.


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