The refrigeration industry has changed it processes and materials handling regulations to conform to a law that is categorized under clean air. All refrigeration materials or chemicals being used today all have significant numbers displayed about their potential hazard to environment. These are on the product containers and are known as the GWP, Global Warming Potential and ODP, Ozone Depletion Potential.

Recycling used chemicals in the industry is tightly regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency under the law that was made in 1990. Reclaimed refrigerant is an item that needs proper and legal handling for selling, buying or use. Reclaiming is not just for everyone, and companies who do so should be legally certified by the EPA.

Reclaiming refrigerants is relevant to gases that have been passed through or processed in a cooling loop so that they can reclaim the properties of a refrigerant. The gases used for appliances and industries are depleted of these properties, and the cold loop is used for reclaiming them. These are things that are potentially hazardous to people and the planet but are commonly used all over the world.

Factories, houses, and business establishments all use some kind of refrigerant gas. This could be in HVAC systems, refrigerators or freezers, industrial freezing plants, ice manufacturers, centralized AC, car ACs, dehumidifiers and controlled environment appliances. When being serviced, they all need to have certified technicians or maintenance and repair specialists.

Today, there are many programs that train and certify these specialists. The need is for the servicing to be safe, meaning no gas should be inadvertently released in the atmosphere. Industries today have put in a number of failsafes for large scale of these gases.

Federal regulations say that reclaimers all need to be vetted, certified and continually monitored by the EPA and federal, state and urban agencies. They must be open to inspection anytime so that they can remarket the gas products legally. Industries also have safer disposal and reclaiming systems in use, and they are safely and strictly policing their ranks.

Disposing refrigerants mostly means selling them off to an EPA certified reclaimer outfit. This company has to have sealed systems for reclaiming gases, and have effective packaging for reselling. All consumers are encouraged to check their sources and the processes they use before committing to a sale, and perhaps contact the local offices of agencies task to monitor or patrol the marketing paths of refrigerating gases of all kinds.

Refrigerants have been proved to deplete the ozone layer. When this layer is thinned and depleted by certain chemicals, it lets in harmful radiation that can lead to global warming. This, in turn, will lead to life threatening climactic cycles, one of which suddenly destroyed all the dinosaur species of the earth during an earlier ice age.

Safety in use and handling are things that are being done by refrigerant reclaimers, by technicians, companies and industries. Otherwise, the EPA can legally shut down any business or sue individuals caught violating the Clean Air provisions. Thus, you need to do research and relevant checks before buying from a reclaimer.


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