With the idle days of summer comes the inclination to relax and let things slide at the practice. Nevertheless, now’s the best time to take a while to appear how the year is shaping up and appraise areas you can improve in your practice. A small investment in time can have a massive impact for the rest of the year.

Appraise Your Fees

Many practices will make one change across the board in the beginning of the year. A much better strategy would be to make two moderate increases annually which may have a bigger impact on revenues. Smaller increases cover your expenses earlier and don’t have as large of a direct effect on the patients.

dental marketing system

Appraise The Practice Cash Flow

Take time to review your creation and collection rates along with your crucial expenses. Doctors who wait until the end of the year are frequently surprised at

Finding a profit that was smaller than they expected or even a loss. Expenses which are out of line can be addresses now before they become too much of a drag on the practice. You may even be pleasantly surprised at your gains which can enable some investment that had been put off.

Assess Your New Patient Amounts

Where are new patients being drawn by the practice from? Are there particular advertising tools that seem to be functioning better than others? Have you been seeing a great return along the way you currently spend your marketing budget? If your new patient numbers are not where you’ll like them to be, it may be time to reallocate the way the dollars are being spent. You must always see a healthy yield with the never ending number of options for attracting patients available.

Value Your Recall System

Many practices have seen a fall in hygiene visits and an increase in cancellations. Practices that are successful see at least 30% of the total creation created by the hygiene section. Every doctor knows that recall patients are the life blood of a practice. It is time to review what is or isn’t happening if your hygiene production just isn’t at those levels. Take some time to take a look at the list and create an idea with the team to get them back in. Discuss soft tissue management procedures with the hygienists and how to properly educate patients that have a demand.

Value Your “First Impression”

How long has it been since you sat in the reception space and see what your patients look at while they wait. Tatty, old magazines? Worn out carpeting or chairs? Is there any patient instruction content accessible? Does the television play shows that are suitable? First set the tone for the anticipation of your patients and impressions matter. Keep the look of your office clean, tidy and organized.

Evaluate Your Equipment

With the challenging environment most practices have already been experiencing, many physicians have put off making enhancements or purchases with their gear. Now can function as the time at making smart upgrades that can improve your efficiencies and provide better care to look. There is a fine line between begin frugal and being silly when it comes to making investments. An investment can pay off nicely when it is made accurately.

Value Your Treatment Mix

Take some time to review your usage report to see what processes predominate your production. Be sure that the hygiene section is one-third of the complete generation and that the proper degrees of periodontal procedures are being done. You may also see what possible treatment strategies are being referred outside and look into taking your comfort level to raise in doing those instances. You may even want to look into bringing in a part-time doctor to manage just those cases to keep them.

Appraise The Insurance Strategies You Work With

Many patients have seen changes in their own dental coverage and it’s important to review the reimbursement amounts you are now receiving. Be prepare to prevent contribution by the need of the year if the amounts are significantly below what you expect. There might also be some added strategies you’re able to consider in case a major company made changes this year and those patients are not being seen by you.

You must take the time to occasionally review what road you’re on, while there’s no secret to success. Making little changes midyear can function as difference between looking back on a year that is great or one which is disappointing. Visit us at http://drjessegreen.com/ for more information.


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